Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pirate Brothers

CAST: Verdy Bhawanta, Ronin Shou, Marcio Fernando Da Silva, Karina Nadila, Andrew Lincoln Suleiman; DIRECTOR: Asun Mawardi; WRITER: Asun Mawardi, Matthew Ryan Fischer; LOCATION: Indonesia; GENRE: Action; RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes

Technical Assessment: 2
Moral Assessment: 2.5
CINEMA Rating: For mature viewers 14 years and above

Young orphans Verdy (Verdy Bhawanta) and Sunny (Ronin Shou) meet and live at an orphanage as brothers who agree to protect each other’s for as long as they live.  But they go separate ways when a rich family adopts Verdy. The two surrogate brothers lose contact since separation but they keep a sign of bond on their wrists to remember each other and remain hopeful to see each other again. Years later their paths indeed cross again, this time in an odd situation.  Verdy is the subject of a kidnapping that has been orchestrated by a trusted employee of a big company owned by his adaptive family.  He is kidnapped on the day he proposes to his girlfriend Melanie (Karina Nadila) aboard a private speedboat. It turns out that one of the abductors is Sunny. They recognize each other because of the wristbands they are wearing. However, the long awaited moment becomes a disappointment for Verdy. But Sunny sees the opportunity to fulfill the promise to protect his brother and so he does everything to let Verdy go minus Melanie who has been on the hands of Sunny's gang mates.  Verdy takes it all against Sunny even the latter confesses that he is not really part of the kidnap gang but a police undercover doing surveillance on the business of Verdy's adoptive family.  Amidst this situation, will light still shed for the pirate brothers?

"Pirate Brothers" is primarily an action film with some elements of drama. It has a touching story about orphans, parting, longing and reconciliation. But as expected from an action, it highlighted the fighting and chasing scenes. To the credit of the Director and those behind the stunt movements, the film offers good choreography without the usual death defying stunts and blasting’s. The techniques applied in fighting scenes saved the poor acting. But the delivery of English lines are commendable as well as the shift from Bahasa language.  The production design does not contribute much. The music score has struggled to establish continuity. Overall, there is much to be desired in the technical aspect of the film.

The film defies the cliché "promises are made to be broken". Whilst it initially injected revenge in the character of Sunny, the film gets away with it as the story progresses. It focuses on valued brotherhood relationship and fulfillment of both personal and official mission to fight crime and pin down criminals to give justice to their victims. The  "Pirate Brothers" conveys the hopeful message about becoming somebody doing contribution to society despite  humble beginnings like coming from orphanage. The film may be rich in positive values presented in subtle ways,  it is still violent for the most part that devalues life.