Monday, November 14, 2011

Haunted 3D

CAST:Krishna Bhatt, Mimoh Chakraborty, Twinkle Bajpai;DIRECTOR:Vikram Bhatt
GENRE: Horror;LOCATION: Malaysia;RUNNING TIME:140 minutes

Technical Assessment:  3
Moral Assessment:  3
Cinema Rating: For viewers 14 years old and above

Rehan (Mimoh Charaborty), an  MBA graduate of Harvard University, is sent by his Dad to negotiate for the sale of the family-acquired property. It is a  century old house called Glen Manor. On his arrival at the site, he learns about the series of mysterious deaths of which the people associate with presence of evil spirits in the old house. When he experiences strange happenings in the house  by himself, he thinks it is smart to give what people say about the house the benefit of the doubt. He starts to trace back the real story about the house. He finds out through a mysterious letter written by a certain Meera (Twinkle Bajpal) about the incidents in the house 80 years ago. Further, he learns from a strange guy that the mysterious screams and evil happenings are caused by two spirits ---  the evil one who imprisoned the other spirit in the house. The house can only be freed from haunting if the link between the two spirit will be unlocked.

 "Haunted 3D" has an interesting storyline out of creative imagination of linking past to the present. The subplots provide continuity to connect the elements of time, risks and love interest. The production design created a good setting for the overall theme of the film. The musical score and camera angles and effects are commendable. Whilst sound effects effectively established scary and suspense in the scenes, it is a bit loud and the screams can be annoying at some point. The good story and effects saved the weakness in the acting. Somehow the director can be credited in transforming the lead actors into lovable characters. Overall, the film Haunted 3D can keep the viewer hooked for its entire run of over two hours.

The film is about courage to know the truth out of a mystery, decision to take the risk, saving life and spirit, recognizing the supreme power of God over evil, putting heart in what you do, falling in love and sacrificing. The lead character shows both courage and humility when he takes the risk of journeying toward unlocking the mystery at the same time seeking advice from people whom he thought can help. Although the story is obviously a fiction, the film offers lessons inspired by positive values. However, the 2-hour run can be stressful for young viewers.